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Are uber or lyft drivers allowed to buy its stock?


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Until I have an understanding of how they would spend the influx of money to make the company profitable, I’m not investing. Do I trust that the people running the company know what they are doing? Does anybody here trust them? So far they are running in the red. Would Buffet invest in this company?

It looks to me like both Uber and lift can see the writing on the wall. Things are going downhill and they have no way to stop it. However, they can take all the new investment money, and distribute it to the people at the top. That’s the new Wall Street. That’s the free market.

If you want a textbook example of how it’s done, take a look at the company Mood Media. Restructure after restructure, loan after loan. The company keeps hobling along. Everybody knows it’s going to fall apart at some point, but for the time being the guys at the top are still taking the big paychecks. And when it does finally fall apart, those guys don’t take the hit, the corporation does. In other words - somebody else - you and me.


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Really, bonus? You mean those sign up bonus for new drivers? I'm not a new driver anymore. Are you talking about the new bonuses they offer sometimes like give 3 consecutive rides, get $5 bonus?

Not true. If you got the bonus you should have rec'd an email about how to take it in shares. Once the stock is public, anyone can buy it.

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