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Are Uber and Lyft Drivers Putting Your Kids at Risk?


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Parents who let their kids use Uber or let them use their accounts are the ones at fault. Don't blame Uber drivers who make so little money that they will gladly pick up a kid for a minimum fare ride.

If it were me I would have said no and gotten the cancellation fee plus a lot of those drivers may not even have known about the policy.

NBC put the girl at risk, usually they use an 18 year old that looks younger.
Right? One positive thing about this is, at least the policy about minors is finally getting put out there for the public to know because we all know the because we all know the companies sure don't put it out there


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New cases are surfacing involving Uber and Lyft drivers harassing and assaulting teens.
I can't remember a single time I've ever even heard of this happening. Not even a fake story of this happening has ever been reported.

Now that I mention it, it would appear this article is the fake story of this happening. lol

No driver is ever going to do anything different with an underage pax that he wouldn't do with an adult pax.

Just a scare story.


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U/L can easily display message that pax have to acknowledge before they request a ride. Have the message say something like the pax are 18 or over and are not in the act of committing a crime. One screen with an 'Ok' and 'Cancel' button and not a lot of text, just a quick, simple statement.

Just like a few months ago when U/L shoved those crappy terms at us to allow U/L's upfront pricing and allow U/L to grab way more than 20% of the fare. If drivers did not accept the terms, we could not logon to driver mode.