are tomorrows rides going to count for next weeks incentive


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only time it would make sense if rides done tomorrow might count for the week that would normally end at 4am on monday is if the banks were closed on a tuesday but i can't think of when the last time there was a holiday on a tuesday.

It would also give forth an 8th day to try and get ride counts up, and this wouldn't make any sense so cutoffs make sense the way that they are on uber and lyft so the ach deposits can touch on tuesday (banks are always open on a tuesday no matter what day of the year as far as i gather) and then you can get paid on wednesday or thursday at the latest.


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Nope. New week as of 4AM Monday Morning. I suppose after working 9 hours today I can go back out on the road and try to hit 75, and maybe start hallucinating due to exhaustion, but that just doesn't sound like fun.