Are There Still Uber Drivers in Las Cruces?


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Hi, I'm new to Las Cruces, having moved from Tucson about 6 weeks ago. Getting a job in this town is very hard. Hardest it's ever been for me. I'm new to uber, today is my first day. I thought I'd try uber until I find a job in my field (I'm an occupational therapist). I went "downtown" at lunchtime, not one single ping in an hour and a half! I drove all over and sat in a parking lot-nothing. Is this typical?

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Hello. I am from the Chicago forum. My godparents now deceased used to live in Las Cruces.

I just happened to be at the main home page for the forum. I saw the 1st town listed as Albany, saw that last post was 2 days ago so I just began to scroll down the page looking at other cities.

From that page you can see how many members each city" bow many total posts and when last a post was done.

I noticed your city had only a dozen or so drivers registered on the forum and less total posts than we get in Chicago in one day.

I saw your post asking if any drivers left.

FYI - go through the other threads to sse last time someone posted anything.

Also' read all their other posts and gather information that way.

You can also drivd to the hottest bar in Las Cruces Frifay night to see if any Ubers are there