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Are Quests dependent on Acceptance rate?


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A couple months ago I got a 'Quest' for the weekend, where I would get an extra $10 every 5 deliveries up to $30. I was hoping that would be an every weekend thing, but I never got offered it again. At the time my Acceptance rate was higher than it is now, since now I regularly have to turn down remote McDonald's pings and re-pings.

Are many getting Quests now? Going through some old Quest related threads it seems some drivers got them regularly, some one or two, and some not at all, and that the Quest structure has been changing. Is there a minimum Acceptance rate to keep up? Do bikers have the same chance of getting them?
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i am and have been at 100% for the 2 months i have been doing UE.. never gotten a quest, support said when i asked about it that is random- depends on factors like area, hours you drive, etc.. so who knows
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