Are Female Drivers Able To Pee In A Bottle ?


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supergirl can, she got superror powerz!


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Or do they use a bowl ?
Silly Men, women don't pee in bottles. And if it is a bowl it has to be inside (definitely not in the woods or a car), and if there is no toilet paper they hold it.

Hotel bathroom. Walk in, smile, use restroom, leave feeling sweet relief. :wink:
I work after Midnight, so thank god for the 24/7 Mcdonalds' (unlesss there is no toilet paper).


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You seriously need a vacation.


I’ve had numerous Female customers in need to go 1 at off hours of the night

I always suggest the Leaf Blower method
Win win Win
Pasenger gets relief , I don’t have to drive all over looking for a restroom
Random Home owner gets a leaf free side walk or Lawn or alley