Are all toll ways free?


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Still free. If anyone takes a pax and goes on a tollway let us know if Uber gives you toll fees or not.


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Ok update: I was just on the Westpark feeder road and saw one of the lighted signs on the tollway said "Tolls waived". I went to the HCTRA website, but there is no notice on there about waived tolls, and their customer service isn't open today.


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What does the Houston Uber manager even do.
I dunno but I didn't waste any time withdrawing my money. After the trip I had went to the toll website to see what my balance was and when nothing was withdrawn I went looking online to see if they waived tolls but nothing was posted.


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My assumption is tolls start again with this:
HCTRA Employees: Business operations resume Tues., Sept. 5

Patrick R Oboyle

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Yes tolls are free! :smiles: go driving arouns the bltwy with no pax and enjoy the free lanes!! :p

There espically free if you have a pax! How come these old throws dont auto close?