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Hans GrUber

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Hello, all.

I've asked this before, and I think I literally may have as recently as a few weeks ago (I forget), but I'll try again. I know many drivers have filed for arbitration at this point. I've read the Uber thing about arbitration and will re-read shortly, but from what I remember, the only thing I've ascertained is that you need to notify them in writing about it. I've sent close to 50 emails about it, I've called a few times (most recently last night), and even went to the hub about it years ago. I remember the manager at the hub who hates me (He once changed my info so that I was a driver in Florida when I'm a PA driver after I had the nerve to ask to record him for accountability) told me the only thing I can request arbitration for is a reactivation after I get deactivated. I knew this was bullshit at the time, but I enjoyed watching him get nervous when I asked about it (Big swallow, break eye contact, touch face) and I was just bluffing. I've always gotten the run around. Last night the phone support told me it had been 'escalated' and to expect an email (yeah, right).

Now I'm done with Uber and fear no retaliation. I want to get arbitration over a TON of things. I know a bunch of drivers just got an additional 11 cents/mile driven for their trouble and while that doesn't seem to be enough to make me happy, just knowing that Uber had to pay for arbitration fees would be satisfying.

So if ANYONE here has experience, please share! Thanks!

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