Apps off May 8


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Agreed. I will request Uber and cancel the ride by texting him “today is Uber Off day, just do the same by requesting ride and texting driver before canceling you request.”
Just be sure your Uber rider account isn’t linked to your driver account.


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I will be ordering rides from my Lyft and Uber account that day to inconvenience those driving.

I may also consider ways of blocking traffic.

Why drive? It’s not like we will be missing surge.
I can let 20 $4 rides pass me by.
Strike it is!
You would think Uber would be smart enough not to piss off their local SF drivers. Apparently their PR guy went to UC Berkeley or Stanford where socially akward folks roam


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This won’t work
If anyone has no choice, it’s Uber drivers
Some poor people risking a lot while being stuck in a car all day for minimum wage
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Just go get a job at Amazon
And a retail job at somewhere else
You end up making more and healthier for you

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What everyone should do from now on is NEVER pick up any rides around Uber HQ and any passengers claiming to be an uber employee get cancelled
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*everyday forever


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I'll join in. I'm not sure if it'll make a difference as I'm down to giving 4 or 5 rides a month just to offset my cost of getting from point a to point b.


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The more coverage this gets the more important it is that drivers go offline. And also to harass the scabs by requesting & cancelling all day.
And get ready for the UP New Member invasion, accounts created from 5/4 on so they can start posting the next day, shilling & putting the whole strike idea down as worthless. When their very existence proves the opposite.