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Hey guys, just curious: what do you do if you experience any network/app issues in high cell phone usage areas (such as an airport waiting lot or a popular sports venue)?

For me, I have Verizon and even in spots where there is full cell coverage I still have trip/network issues after sporting events, concerts, and even at the airport waiting lot.


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the only time I ever have network issues with the Uber or lyft app is during high demand. At times it freezes so bad, it wont allow me start a ride or to say I finished a ride. When this does happen, only a few times a year, I call it a night and go home.


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I rarely have issues. Someone here suggested putting phone in airplane mode for a few seconds than back to normal mode. This solved 1 of my 2 issues I have had recently. The other issue resolved its self when I ended the trip.