App logs you off w/out warning


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App asked if I wanted to stay online and I clearly clicked yes (it was 3:15, I just dropped off 25th/Cabrillo for music fest. I tried to make phone call and it said "all circuits busy". Too many people on phones in area? I drove few blocks away and was able to make the call and was parked by beach on phone 30 minutes, wondering why no trip requests and noticed i was offline!
So does app log off if no reception or if one on long call? I dont want this to happen again. 30 minutes is $25.


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The Uber app will log you out if you lose data connection. 4g phones should not being losing data on a phone call, but perhaps the area you were in was overloaded.

The Lyft app will send your phone number a text message, and then log you out if its not back quick.