Anyone Played around with DF to Garauntee Short ( 5 min or less rides) to Increase Rides for Quest?

warrior lady

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Also how close to destination will app allow DF to be set for??
- I tried it early this am by DCA. - Those hotels on Rt 1 and parallel roads.- It actually worked well for 1 $4 ride to DCA. It's tricky though because when you are too close to Airport it will stop searching.
- I'm trying out Gaylord at National Harbor to MGM but not having much luck.


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Wit my experience, I have never gone beyond DF destination that is set.
It will always fall short, then again I usually set it for a long distance, like Adams Morgan to Gaithersburg MD
The shortest distance I have done with DF is from Upper NW (Bethesda and Upper NW DC border) to Adams Morgan or 14th Street.
I always do get trips straight to bars from there