Anyone out today?

John McYeet

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Snowed most of the day and iced last night. Was wondering if anyone has been driving today. This is really the only time it would make sense to drive some sort of truck for Uber :laugh:


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I made almost 400 in 7 hours last night and about 300 today in 5 hours. People tip better in this weather and I think it keeps the full-timers off the roads, so the weekend drivers are really the only ones out there. I've been driving in this crap for 18 years and have all wheel drive, so it really doesn't phase me. Just keep off highways and stick to the surge areas... My favorite time of year to drive Uber... On that note... What idiots actually trust some rando Uber Driver stranger to actually know how to drive in this... People keep telling me I'm so brave to be out in this... But I just think, they are the brave (or stupid) ones to trust a stranger to be able to drive in this... I'd NEVER let somebody else drive me around in this crap