Anyone notice Uber charging .50 cents twice for using Instant pay to a debit card?


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Has anyone noticed that when you use Instant Pay to a debit card you get charged .50 cents right away and then your Uber account is negative .50 and then you get charged again as soon as you accumulate more fares they take the money again.


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YESSS MissDriva!!!. I JUST NOTICED... So I thought I noticed it before so I zeroed out my account by transferring it over to my bank.. Got a ride for $3.75 (cancelled ride)... But the instant pay says "available cash is $3.25"... And then when I went to transfer now it said $2.75!!!!

Wtf!!! Just advertise what it really is.

Also.. UberSaur.. Instant pay does pay it all immediately... Not gaurntees... But surges, YES- you can literally take a pax, end the trip and get the money in your account before the trip is even calculated!!

Great thing to offer but please just tell us the truth regarding the fee!!!