Anyone having trouble with the driver app


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Just booted mine up, no problems. If cell service is poor this can happen. Uninstall the app works too.

Hell yeah !

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Had problem at Hobby lately. Waited 1hr and when it was 0-10min, i was put at back of the line again. 37-55min. F that shit. I just drove away. I heard similar issues at BUSH tnc

More Cowbell

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At hobby don't park along the fence closest to Airport Blvd. There is a reason why there is always room over there.
Few months back a kind driver tipped me to this after sitting at 0-10 for an hour. Soon as I moved gotta ping. I've often told other drivers I've seen doing the same .... Pay it forward good karma type thing.

But today there was more than a dozen sitting there all with shiney new inspection stickers. Screw it. Got all the good karma I need right now, just not enough pingz.


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Ha hobby I get a hit from the employee lot or on the tarmac walking out... opposite side Of airport. Got a text from uber telling me to go the lot still got a pax sitting in my space... I still see people all the time at Jack In The BDaD... Or on dover.... if I end up at Hobby I'll wait at the uber lot.