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Anyone had a sexy encounter with passenger?


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Had a hooker do a full cloths change once in my back seat. I wasn't going to post, because she certainly was not sexy........

Most of my driving experiences are pretty boring. Which is perfectly fine ?.


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Never, ever been hit on by a female while driving 100,000 cab pax over the years; well, maybe just one time, as she wanted to know if we could have dinner during her biz trip here in Boston. That was over ten years ago.

But...I have been hit on by dozens or more gay guys all those taxi years, especially when much younger and less fat. Mainly when bars are closing. I'm a fat, old gay, so I like the attention, anyway.

I've been hit on doing 2,500 rideshare rides off and on the past two years by only two pax, both guys. I drive nights so it should happen much more often but sadly doesn't anymore. It likely happens more often to young male drivers, at least from gay or bi pax.


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Nope, like Boston said above have only been hit on by one gay dude in the 6 months I've been driving. Shut him down so smoothly he didn't realize what hit him. Even his friends in the back seats stopped giggling, all of them acting like I didn't know.