Anyone get lyft lawsuit check in mail??


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Mine arrived today in the mail for $52 on 3-12-2019 . Class Action Lawsuit vs Lyft for unfair Practices.

Still waiting on my Uber Class Action for more than 2 years .......

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$215. Not a lot compared with what Lyft stole from the drivers.
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wtf is that for?
They lied to pax and said that drivers would receive all Prime Time amounts that pax were charged. Instead Lyft skimmed its usual 20% off the Prime Time and gave drivers the balance.
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The class action I am waiting for is for when Lyft used to round down fares paid to drivers to the nearest dollar. Example: if the pax' fare was $10.97, they would charge the pax $10.97 but only pay the driver $10. Drivers who did 100 rides per week would lose $50 every week to Lyft from this theft.

What made it worse was that they would round down before calculating Prime Time. So a +200% fare that should have been $10.97 x 3 = $32.91 would be paid at $10 x 3 = $30, and the driver would lose $2.91 to Lyft.

Lyft were/are/always will be ethically challenged scumbags who can cuck my sock.
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I have spoken to several lawyers about bringing a class action over this, including the lawyer who did Zamora, but none were interested. Lyft stole millions of dollars with this ploy; it'd be huge if I could get a lawyer to take it on.
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