Anyone get HOURLY GUAR this weekend ending July 24?


I asked this last week for July 17.... I wanted to keep asking, to try to figure out more regarding who and when gets these GUAR hours. Thanks all.


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No guaranteed hourly rate here, but I've been inundated by texts and emails reminding more of the bonus trip offer. Way more texts than usual. I haven't driven yet this week as had other commitments so maybe that's why???


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I got the Cape message too...and I live here, but I'm not doing it. They're offering $25 or $30 per hour depending on the day/time. That's before their cut. So it's really $20 or $24 per hour. Last week I did better on my own.

Guarantees are structured to get more drivers out and ends up paying out less per driver, but increases volume for Uber and therefore what they rake in. As independent contractors, we should all refuse the guarantees and let the market forces build up nice surges for us. :smiles: