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Anyone else suddenly get a bunch of rider feedback tonight that wasn't there yesterday ?

This happened about a week ago,then they just as suddenly disappeared.

Magically,negative feedback has appeared again tonight.

Positive feedback disappeared,all but 2.

Haven't driven in 2 weeks due to market flooded with drivers !


That happened to me last week too. Something weird happened again yesterday.

My weekly report shows 29 rated trips and 28 were 5 stars. My best week yet. So the one person who didn't give 5 stars must have reported me for "attitude". But under "issues" it shows 2 reports for attitude instead of one. This is not mathematically possible and appears to be an error.

Also, my overall rating didn’t move after 28 five star ratings.

The feedback system is a real joke and I can't take it seriously anymore.
All of a sudden i got a feedback for a cancellation, probably a uber pool rider i ditched after 2 minutes because they were not at the pin.


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Haven't had this happen to me yet.

Still in my master plan. At the end of the summer I'm going back and re-rate every rider one star. Screw them.


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I think my rating system is not even working I have been at 4.83 for about a month. No change up or down and the last weekly report displaying is jun27-july4th