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Anyone else unemployable besides me?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by FormerTaxiDriver♧, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. I have a Class A CDL, keep my med card current. I’ve driven 105K combo end dump and 76K straight truck. But, I’m just not jazzed about the prospect of going back to it, nor OTR or even regional at this point. I want to get away from being behind a wheel. Gonna try my hand at my own small general contracting biz.

    Yeah, but you put in the time with a career, planned for retirement. So many jump around, never stay on a track long enough to build what you did. So, the assessment isn’t that far off for those.
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  2. Age Descrimination.
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  3. Jay Dean

    Jay Dean

    Austin, Tx
    You can always do security, I do it as a flex for 15.00 hr as a on call basis and pretty much sit, then walk,sit,then walk. EVERY company needs help, just ask to be a flex for coverage not a FULL TIME flex unless you want to. If you want you can be a flex for 2 or even three companies and juggle them if you want(just don’t confuse the uniform). They just need coverage “if you can fill In “and they ALWYAS need that relief guard because turn over in security is a guarantee.

    Or just be a full time guard, you can easily get employed doing that.
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  4. FormerTaxiDriver♧


    Sorry, I have a history of putting hoodlums in the hospital.

    I made the news, standing my ground.
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  5. i knew a guy that took a class in Refrigeration,he graduated,went for a job, now keep in mind he's 71 yrs old, 100 lbs over weight,heavy smoker,rough attitude,a bad knee, was complaining that no one would hire him????? ROFLMAO, True story,jmo
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  6. FormerTaxiDriver♧


    What was the verdict?
  7. oldfart


    Fort Myers
    I’m not saying that no one will hire me, I haven’t tried. I’m saying I don’t want a job
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  8. Fozzie


    Oh hell no... nothing big for me. I used to get seriously stressed driving my husbands Yukon Denali. A real, full size truck would send me over the edge faster than driving pool, downtown, in rush hour traffic.
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  9. El Jefe de Hialeah

    El Jefe de Hialeah

    En Calle Ocho
    Dude, Taco Bell hires ANYONE!!!
  10. FormerTaxiDriver♧


    A pax told me one time that the typical Uber driver befits the same stereotypical character of Mr. Magoo and Old Man River.
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  11. BostonTaxiDriver


    Boston, Mass.
    Seems boring?. I did it part-time decades ago for a couple of months.

    Uber is fun and the time flies fast on a busy shift.

    At least for me.

    I listen to sports talk shows and regular shows while driving...can't easily do that with many security jobs. I listen on my off time as well, so it's like getting paid to listen to my talk shows.:)

    Plus, I'm almost 59, and don't wish to work with people much, much younger, even though many are smarter than I. Too awkward and uncomfortable. Others here feel the same?

    Rideshare seems more age appropriate than Taco Bell for folks my age and older.
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  12. DentonLyfter


    Tween DFW and Winstar
    Was completely burned out of the Service end of the car biz after 30+ years. Had enough savings/retirement that driving a couple of years for Lyft looked like a decent plan just to carry me over to S.S. Has worked out even better than my highly pessimistic calculations initially indicated. Was blessed to have a civic hybrid as my extra car so really minimal depreciation and she got through year one OK. Like with any job there are ups and downs but I never dread getting in the car for work, I can stop at anytime to tend to the medical needs of my grandson, and a super flexible schedule. It has worked for me so far.
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  13. Time to go self-employed and start ur own small business :D
    That way you can always be employable.
  14. AlasKador


    Uber is probably not for everyone. Maybe a "for the meantime" gig until something better comes along.
    For me, it's something to keep me occupied and gets me out of the house and make a little bit of dough.

    I started Jan 2018 after retiring in April 2017.
    Doing Uber around three hours or so on the weekdays.
    I used to drive nights, but switched to daytime driving now.
    Honestly, I wouldnt advise anyone to do this as a fulltime gig.
    I just don't see it feeding a family of four. Not unless you drive 12-15 hours a day.... Maybe?
    I do it just to get out of the house. And I like talking to different folks.
    I like it because I can work three hours, or maybe more if I feel like it.
    Or work half an hour, or not at all if I don't feel like it.
    I can work any time or any day I want to.
    I don't have to worry about being late for work, taking a long lunch, or going home early.
    I don't have to ask anyone if I need a day off.
    It is very flexible... I think it's alright for retired folks.

    My wife said I am practically my own boss because I call the shots.
    The way I look at it.... The riders are my boss. They pay me.
    The best part is..... If I get an a$$hole for a boss, I just wait ten minutes and I get a new one.
    Might be a new a$$hole, but I don't have to deal with them after the ride.
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  15. HELL NO!!!

    Two reasons that I drive, I’m in school, two driveling rideshare pays for my car and insurance.
  16. sadboy


    Los Angeles
    What's wrong with you people? I'm planning on retiring when my youngest goes off to college in Mexico. I already have my property and land set up. If you have your nest why are you still working in your twilight years? 10 more years for me to retire.
  17. If you totally lacking in any skills have you considered running for president of the United States
  18. father of unicorns

    father of unicorns

    This is so true. I have a BA, and MS and 17 years of working at educational institutions. I was unemployed for damn near a year. Most jobs I applied for I never heard back from. One responded and told me I was overqualified. Could not find a job to utilized my education or experience. Did finally get a job at a for profit college, and I hate it. Makes me wonder if having a masters was worth it.
  19. dirtylee


    Start a business.
    Get product
    Sell product

    PS. This next recession is gonna be a ****show.
  20. Transeau


    I'm unemployable. I was in I.T. for more than 20 years. I don't have a degree, just a GED. But I'm better at the work any anyone with a 4 year CS degree. But times have changed. I'm 45 now and no one thinks that a 45 year old could know anything. Nevermind the fact that I understand quantum physics (as much as anyone actually can), or that I can code for quantum computers... I don't have a degree and that means that they won't even talk to me.

    But I'll adapt. I've been unemployed for 9 months now, I may swallow my pride and take a job doing something else, but I will certainly adapt. I would love to stay in the technology field, but that may not be in the cards for me.

    In the meantime, I do this crap. It's better than sitting at home, and I can look at job listings in my downtime.

    Oh, and the tech field has been losing 10k jobs a month here in California.

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