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Anyone else notice that since the new app launch that google maps is no longer 100% accurate?


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Google maps, with the old UBER driver app, used to be SPOT ON, set in up for satellite view, and click on the Uber “navigate button” and it would put the pin EXACTLY on the house or destination that you were headed too, NOW, since the launch of the new app, google maps puts the pin 99.9% of the time in the middle of the street, which does absolutely ZERO good. W T F. Try it for yourself, manually enter the address for your destination into google maps and I GUARANTEE you it will put the pin EXACTLY where you are going, which for what we do, and especially at night when it is near impossible to see house numbers, is 100% needed. So why the change? Because Uber wants us to use their new navigation system, well I’m sorry but NO, google maps with the exact destination on satellite view is about as good as it will ever get but no, now we are stuck with trying to decide which side of the street to deliver too, etc. this is total BS and needs to be resolved. Why would they change this, do they not realize it? They obviously have made a change in how the destinations are ported to google maps, is this a unforeseen bug or is it really UBER trying to influence us to use their new navigation.


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After futher testing I believe it actually may be a google maps problem instead. I am contacting both Uber and google development teams to try and get this resolved. It used to work PERFECTLY.

The bottom line is they made a change somewhere along the way and it really sucks

I’ve actually submitted my resume to Uber to try and join their apple development team, hopefully it works. That would be killer to work by day as a apple developer for u er and by night as a driver.


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It seems like they are submitting raw coordinates to the Google Maps API and GMaps is just guessing what the address might be, rather than submitting the address.

I would suspect they are doing to get us to use Uber maps as they pay per API request to Google.