Anyone else having this issue?


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My decal is on my last nerve, it keeps falling off! It's been so hot out lately, it's making the decal sticky stuff melt and it basically won't stick.... The back decal doesn't even stick anymore.

I seen a couple Ubers with their back decals coming off half way like mine, check your back decals peeps (if you guys post your back ones up. lol).




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rinse it off with water... i haven't done it myself but if you keep pulling it off and putting it back on, dust will get on it and won't stick.
That's the old U that was like that

New toilet seat just distorts in the sun

On a funny side note, once met a hardcore fulltime Lyfter in LA whose white old civic had a STARK WHITE LYFT BADGE

Asked if that was custom, he laughed and said it started out hot pink like everyone else's.....and got SUN BLEACHED over the years


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Soap has a Tetrahedron molecular structure.
One side binds,one side repels.
This is how it removes dirt when combined with water.

The Alchemy of soap
My brain hurts after looking at that, lol. Just brought me back to school days :/
But yes, I'll be washing my decals tomorrow like the info that i posted from the internet above.