Anyone else get this email?


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Assuming they're not blowing smoke like with airport, then that's good if they're truly legitimate in Philly. I suspect it will come at a cost to the driver and pax somewhere down the line. I also suspect this means Uber came up with a sufficiently large sum of cash to put them at bay, since that's all it's ever been about.

Ben Doerr

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This was on the news last night. Major press release but only on Uber platform. With Septa troubles now PPA needs us.


DNC convention is the main reason for the temporary truce. Our local mafia wants to show the world how modern and progressive philly is. "Oh we even have Uber". They couldn't care less about broken down trains, stranded passenger , congested traffic. This is all about appearance under the spot light.


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Are the taxi and black car drivers gonna protest with their cars blocking the road like the last two times aa well?