Anyone drive today?


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How was it? Have time tonight but every time I go out on Mondays it is the slowest day of the week so just going to stay in tonight. Plus it's hot today so I don't want to sit and wait in the heat, as I don't like driving between request


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Nope! The last time I went out on a Monday, I didn't get a single ping in two hours... No go for me! Probably will come out tomorrow though


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I normally do Tuesday -Friday when I have time but Monday's have always been slow. The later in the week the better but still do a little earlier in the week

Another Uber Driver

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Did my only-enough-to-stay-in-the-game UberXing to-day from 1600 to 1900. Pings fairly steady, mostly mediocre trips. I did run nine trips in those three hours, including one from Downtown to Great Falls, Virginia and one from Navy Yard Area to Washington Boulevard at Glebe. Other than that, the trips were mediocre. Not bad considering what time of year it is.

The freshmen should be in to the Kollidgiz next week. Kollidge Stoodints like Uber, especially UberX. If they have helicopter parents, which more than a few do, they will be riding taxis, including Uber Taxi as long as the parents are still here. Once the Stoodints can get their parents to go home, they will go to UberX, for the most part.

The students is one demographic that Uber has taken from the cab drivers, here. I get more than a few Uber Taxi pings at American U, but if I get Georgetown or GW students, it is often a street hail, more than anything. Some Georgetown students will use Uber Taxi to summon a taxi to Healy Gate, as they know that the Uber Taxi driver is pretty much the only taxi driver who will respond to such a request. The drivers who get dispatch solely from what Uber refers to as the "legacy" taxi companies will not respond to requests at Healy Gate, because those who call from there jump into the first thing that shows up. If they pull that on Uber Taxi, they get hit with a cancellation fee.

Then, the stereotype of the "starving student" does still play here: not all Kollidge Stoodints are on the mommy and daddy dole. More of them can afford UberX than can afford a taxi. Add to that the fact that the younger crowd likes the technology.