Anyone been driving the Sidecar guarantees?

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Sidecar hasn't stated an actual update to the 1/hour policy, but said they would soon on their Garage forum.

Hi Deliveries drivers,

We know that many of you have expressed frustration on how guaranteed payments have been working, and wanted to reach out to let you know that we’ve heard your feedback and acknowledge that some adjustments need to be made. We also wanted to let you know that we appreciate your patience as we work through the growing pains of the new Deliveries business.

Based on your suggestions, our team is reevaluating the hourly guarantee and payment policies to make them better for drivers.

The first of these updates is eliminating the requirement for drivers to write Delivery Support when they haven't received a request during an hourly guarantee. Our team will be actively reviewing these guarantee periods and issuing appropriate payment if a driver was online and actively seeking requests.

We plan to share additional updates with you soon, and provide more clarity on:

  • Minimum rides-per-hour requirements
  • Payment discrepancy resolution process
  • Delivery zones
In the meantime, we ask that if you have existing support tickets regarding payment, please do not send multiple emails to support about the same issue. We are actively looking into each and every existing support ticket, and due to the large backlog of tickets, response times may be longer than usual.

If you have not been paid for an hourly guarantee and have written in regarding this, please do not send any additional emails to support if you haven’t received a response yet – this creates more tickets and a larger backlog, which makes it take longer for you and others to receive responses.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding during this exciting transition for Sidecar – we’re happy you’re along for the ride, and we couldn’t do it without you.
Ride on,
The Sidecar Team​

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I was out here in Chicago on a holiday weekend Saturday since 12pm and got my first ride request at about 2pm (I won't use the word "ping" because sometimes you get an audible alert, but usually you don't). Needless to say, I stared at my phone for 12 hours finishing that shift with a whopping $55 in fares with 75 miles on my car. And don't take your eyes off that phone as it will sign you off if you try one simple other function on your phone or mysteriously sign you off mid-trip. It's not me, the Google Play Store reviews concur.

Now, out of those, um, 8 rides 2 are in "pending" status. "Pending" = they didn't rate you and close out the ride, Sidecar supposedly automatically bills them within 1/2 hour if they didn't push the "PAY" button at the end of their ride (a first time rider showed me his app - the button is larger than Christ himself), and if it still shows "pending" after that 1/2 hour, that means their credit card declined and you'll supposedly be paid by Sidecar themselves in about 21 days. I've been paid on ONE from about a month ago so far (the min. fare homies I picked up from the cabbie auto repair shop and dropped off in da 'hood).

So, if you want to cart these schleps around with gas at $3.70/gallon and hope on a wing and a prayer that some will actually pay, or wait to be paid within a month......this gig is yours. Not paying a cab driver in Chicago = "Theft of services" and the po-po will respond promptly as it's an easy run for them.

The only people that adore Sidecar here is because there is a flat/ quoted price upfront and they truly believe traffic/time/idling while burning gas has absolutely nothing to do with this equation. Therefore, yes, "set your own price" at least at a 1.5x multiplier because their base rate is considerably cheaper than Uber or Lyft's base here. Also, the permanent alert on my screen reads "The nearby average for booked rides is 1.0x" and has NEVER fluctuated. Ever.

When signing on the rider app to view my competition, I'm seeing the likes of 2001 Buicks with no hubcaps. Luxurious for Indira Ghandi I'm sure.

A great concept with setting your own criteria.....pick-up/drop-off radius, etc but it's an utter failure with basically no ridership.

Oh, and hit the "arrived" button about 1/2 mile away as it sometimes takes the app about 3 minutes of spinning with a message that the rider is being notified before it actually catches.

Their rating system is a hoot too. If they don't rate you "Awesome" (sooo 1989), they can rate you as merely "Good" with an option of "No particular reason". Almost hilarious.

On the plus side, nobody has puked on me or my leather yet. However, 3 separate riders left trash in my car within a 3 hour span. One really thought I wouldn't notice what she stuffed under the seat. My guess is this flabby ass ho named Jessica and her Fiber One bar wrappers got continual 1*s from Uber and Lyft and will soon be waiting on the #151 route Chicago "bedbug bus" in the rain - again. As she should be.

Just "reaching out" to you all. I'm so sick of that term.
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