Anybody refer to other businesses for $?


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Have a local business that is offering a $100 referral fee for any sale they make that I refer the lead to them for. Does anyone else partner with local business for clients that ask?


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How do you do the referrals? Post a sign in the back seat? Hand out business cards? What type of business is it?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to play out in my head how that would work without being obnoxious to the passenger. The cabs down here have a tablet in the backseat that scrolls through different local businesses as advertisement. I thought about doing something like that but also make it so that the customers can use the tablet to play games or surf the net. I know they have "businesses" that you can do that through. I was thinking about doing it on my own so I can get all the profits from it.


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I eat free at a number of restaurants. They give me coupons, during the course of the ride we talk food, from there I hand them a coupon which usually changes their destination, next time I go in I eat free. Currently have 7 restaurants all serve different food, haven't eaten at home in over 3 months.


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Nice, Buer! Mikey, the offer I got is an established business that does real estate investing - they gave me a pretty professional looking placard to hang over the headrests that invites pax to text interest to a coded number for me. If someone that texts in my code buys a product I get $100. Too simple to resist! We'll see how it works out...