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Anybody "Juicing Limes"


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Uber Scooters hasn't made it's way to my area yet. Lime and Bird are here "IN FORCE" though. Those damn scooters are EVERYWHERE around here.

Been reading about what ti takes to pickup/charge/dropoff those little scooters. I make a route through the center of the city twice a day anyway with my normal commute. Wondering if there isn't some cash to be made by picking up, charging overnight, then dropping off those scooters each day.

Anyone else here doing it? Worthwhile gig?
Charging scooters works for a friend in mission beach. He picks up 20 from his block. Charges them and returns then to the nest downstairs from his apt.

He makes $100. No driving, no hunting yellow and red scooters.

If you live close to nests, than yes, you can make a buck.