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Anybody Got Any Rude Rider Stories?

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Fuhgeddaboudit, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. I tell ya, there are some real knuckleheads out there ....they’re lucky we don’t just drop em off in a ditch somewhere
    When the driver is polite, and the rider is rude for no apparent reason....they don’t know what they’re messin’ with .
  2. JC17


    Las Vegas
    Had a pickup at a hotel in Las Vegas everything was great until she asked for water which I have so I handed it to her and she immediately started being ungrateful it wasn’t cold and she started saying you know you are required to provide cold water phone chargers etc I said no ma’am I am not required to provide any amenities I pulled over to the nearest safe spot canceled ride asked her to exit my car this ride is over have a good night
  3. Nope, all my riders are the best Uber can charge,JMO

    Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, great story, like the way you handled it, I LOVE it, keep on Ubering brother,jmo
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  4. June132017


    One time I picked up some middle aged man at the train station. He complained the whole way about Uber's navigation for 35 minutes and also reeked of alcohol.
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  5. Zebonkey


    San Francisco
    Any time they say "you are supposed to" or "you are required" - cancel right there.
    Cause ef them!
  6. freddieman


    OMG! I think U should have slapped her out of the car.
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  7. Old BUF Guy

    Old BUF Guy

    It’s funny to see that immortalized in cartoon form! The original video is even funnier!

    On this last St. Drunks day, I picked up some guys from the parade. Guy jumps in the front seat with an open bottle of beer.

    When I told him no over it because there were too many cops around, he threatened to punch me in the face.

    I kicked him and his buddies to the curb, and drove away.
  8. Jay Dean

    Jay Dean

    Austin, Tx
    Sometimes I get rude dudes when their girlfriends have a conversation with me with question after question, and it pisses them off when they see I am not a fat slob..., I always start asking the dudes questions and play it neutral to side step any possible flirt because I am not about stealing anyone’s thunder (or whatever you call it) but it can be a real pain sometimes to try and stop someone asking a bunch of questions especially about rideshare - that is One occurrence that can make people rude

    As for solo pax male or female (I have NO idea what kind of day they are having or if they just recieved some really effed up news etc) so unless it is personally against me, I ignore it (except in rare circumstances) that is if I witness something before hand like an argument or some ******* yelling at people getting in my car etc (which rarely happens)

    I find most know there is no profit to gain by being an ******* or a B.I itch for a short ride and usually they ‘fake’ being nice long enough for them to get where they want to next, at least where I live, so my guess is they are having a really bad day that has zero to do with you and you are just a transportation tool to get them to the next point etc
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  9. f1zero


    I once had a pax who didn’t say anything during the entire ride and then tipped me after the ride. Talk about rude! :oops:
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  10. Jay Dean

    Jay Dean

    Austin, Tx
    Was he/she deaf?
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  11. SaintCl89


    Round here
    I gave a ride to “Jihad”. First ride was him talking the whole time how service industry deserves tips and he is a really good tipper (you know how this ends). Gets out. No tip

    Decline Jihad’s rides a few times knowing it’s always a long ride but the other night I said, “I’m gonna give him one more chance”. Long ride, no tip. Jihad is done in my car.
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  12. Do it one more time and give him a zero
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  13. I just had a girl in Upper Saddle River call me:

    "Can you do me a favor?" Oh crap, here it comes. "We got our fake id's confiscated. Can you buy me beer? I'll pay for it." Not going to happen...click,ride cancelled. I filed complaint to Uber saying that I should be entitled to cancellation fee since she had zero interest in a ride.
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  14. nick caronn

    nick caronn

  15. backcountryrez


    Jihad declared a Jihad on tipping.
  16. sellkatsell44

    sellkatsell44 Moderator

    I’m guilty of this.

    Except i would at least say hi in the beginning and thank you at the end.

    Did s/he at least greet you and/or thank you?
  17. Rude rider? Nope. Never had that happen.
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  18. HotUberMess


    I picked up a Jihad too. I swear when I saw that name I didn’t realize it was a real name and I thought the person was going to be a joker type or I was going to die in some kind of political statement bombing, with the (I assumed, fake) name being a clue for the FBI.

    Nope, it was two normal muslim women with British accents lol.
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  19. SaintCl89


    Round here
    I didn’t think it was a real name either lol. Also, he’s not a bad dude, just a bad tipper. I have no problem if people don’t tip me, I mean I do, but I don’t care if you don’t, just don’t sit there for 45 minutes telling me how you are the master of the fine art of tipping and then you don’t tip. Gimme a break Jihad.

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