Anybody else suddenly having issues w/ Instant Pay and the Green Dot Prepaid card?

Andrew Held

Hey there all. I've been using my gold colored Prepaid Green Dot ATM card to cash out my Uber earnings and for months it's been perfectly reliable, but unfortunately it's no longer working correctly.

Beginning last weekend, any deposit I make to the card from Uber's Instant Pay now ends up in some dark and confusing purgatory, and the cash is held for three to seven days before becoming accessible.

Is anyone else using this setup and struggling with similar frustrating results? If you use a different card and it works properly, would you mind sharing the details in case I have to abandon the green dot situation?

Thanks in advance for all your help!


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Never had a problem with Ubers partnership with Gobank and the Uber debit card. I like to cash out as often as I want without a fee.