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Anybody driving to Okeechobee this weekend?


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I got a ping from there this AM while in psl, 40 miles away. It was from the pickup address they listed on the website.

I got the text asking and said I'd drive but then I found out about the flat fares, no way.
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I stayed out of this one. The guarantee was $15 per hour with stipulations...too far from even PSL to get on location (30 min). However, will add from local tv and newspaper, this event was a success as it was the first. Consider Okeechobee has only 30k in the county, the attendance was double during this event. Would like to hear from any who participated. I had a normal weekend with airport runs from PSL.

Keep calm and UBER on!....maybe....maybe not!


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They were desperate, upped it to 25 and no fee/commission. Also because of poor cell reception I was told they'd take our word in good faith. I've been getting pings from Okeechobee while sitting in living in psl, 39 minutes away. Crazy.

I had a drop off halfway to Okeechobee last night, started getting pings from the festival while still in the way to the drop. I accepted one on a 1.5 surge they canceled when I was a few miles away, this after she called crying "please come get us, please." But then I got a 2.1 and a 3.8 and then a 1.8 to st Lucie west, a Hop skip and a jump from my house.

None of my surge trips are from Okeechobee are showing up as surge, I'm pissed!

No word back from support yet.
I'm guessing it has to do with the spotty cell service in Okeechobee.


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Can't wait until next year's Festival - best Uber week for me - made 900 bucks with runs to Orlando & Fort Lauderdale included.

Nick in Vero


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I did pretty decent as well. Cell service with AT&T was spotty at the pickup which hampered me a bit though.
They just announced the dates. March 2nd through 5th