Any word on where the airport surge went ??? I aint picking up there until it gets turned back on


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Nobody care what u saying..
No want quit uber..
Now vegas is full such lot of loser drivers..
Need to cut down..


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You do understand that the surge is not required, it's called a bonus for a reason ... just like CTB and Quests ... There is nothing at all that says these are required to be given to us ... It's extra incentive. It was never meant to be and every day every hour thing ...

Base Rate Sucks

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Surges seem to have been popping up after 10pm - 1am but they are not a consistent sticky. It goes from red to blank in a matter of 20 min. Rarely have they come up at all during the week. ACM made for some surges on the strip and downtown for a couple of hours. I've been screening my airport pickups making sure they are not going to B.F.E during surge hours. I don't do far away airport dropoffs during peak strip hours.