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Any Westies tried Geelong?

Discussion in 'Melbourne' started by AusChameleon, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. eXperiment

    eXperiment Well-Known Member

    deepest brunswick
    is geelong worth trying?

    their ants wait at Avalon

    think about it
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  2. Graham J

    Graham J Well-Known Member

    I dropped a passenger at Avalon about two months ago and it was sad to see the White Camrys lined up and you know it ain't gonna happen for them
  3. AusChameleon

    AusChameleon Active Member

    Of course, but if riders walk out front and see taxi's lined up and not think that an uber would be in the area, let alone in the airport, they may just take a taxi. If they could see Uber carz, they may book one.
  4. yogi bear

    yogi bear Well-Known Member

    Heh, played surge games around ftg and belgrave a couple of weekends ago in december, as soon as the periphery of the red (rowville) went white I would get a load of pings from there, which I'd ignore, then it'd go red and all quiet again.
    Ended up with 3 surge riders in the area, which was good.
  5. yogi bear

    yogi bear Well-Known Member

    But it's only a matter of turning on their phone to see a veritable ants nest just outside the doors

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