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Any Plus (Select) driver also doing Lyft?

Joseph Otto

Active Member
I tried Lyft last night the very first time as a passenger (free ride from Starbucks promo). I'm surprised that Lyft offer very limited selections for their passengers.. Looks like only X (Original Lyft), XL (Lyft Plus) and Pool (Lyft Line)...

I'm on Uber Plus platform and I don't see the reason to join Lyft as a driver since the money I make can't cover the cost when I take Uber X trips...


Well-Known Member
Even then, as much as I use the destination filter, I have yet to be paired with a rider.

If you catch the referral promo for $500 (after completing 50 rides), it may make sense to take the money and run. But other than that, get that money on plus :wink: