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Any Passenger with a Rating Below 4.50 should be ignored.

Discussion in 'Advice' started by NateNYC, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. NateNYC


    I just joined this forum today but I've been driving UBER in NYC since April 2016 so I have some experience.

    I see some on this forum say that their rating doesn't matter unless if falls below 4.60. I currently have a rating of 4.96 and had a rating of 4.98. That's a pretty good rating but it gets me nothing but bragging rights when a Pax(new term for me) notices it.

    What I find, though is that your pax's rating matters a great deal. Until a few weeks ago, I really didn't pay attention to passenger ratings unless in the middle of the ride I noticed that they were particularly annoying and then I would check to see what their rating was. Inevitably, I found that Pax with ratings below 4.50 were more problematic.

    The passenger that made me change my ping acceptance policy, I probably wouldn't have picked up if I noticed that she had a 3.98 rating before. She kept me waiting even though I arrived within a minute of the ping and didn't respond to my messages letting her know that I had arrived. She didn't apologize when she finally got in the car and immediately turned on her navigation and started instructing me how to take her to an area of town that was in the center of the city and a very common area to go. Once her directions got us to a point where we had to take a detour, she began complaining that she was running late. While all this is happening, I'm treating her like any other passengers; accepting her trip suggestions, offering her a choice of music, offering her water(yes, I still offer water). Once we arrived near the area, many of the buildings don't have numbers on them so I asked her, which building it was exactly and she said: "I don't know, I put in the address so you should have it." Keep in mind, there's no building numbers and they don't run sequential if there were numbers.

    In the end, before she got out, I had had enough and told her that going forward, if she was already having a tough time getting picked up, she would have trouble because of her low rating. I told her what her rating was and that her attitude was the reason she had the rating. I know, I could've let her go on her bitter/merry way none the wiser but I felt I could afford the knock on my rating.

    The long and the short is that if a passenger/pax has a rating below 4.50 leave them on the curb where they belong.
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  2. Welcome to the forum.
    Good to have experienced drivers join.

    I agree that a good rating gets us nothing.
    But it does let you know that you're doing something right if you have a good rating, like in your case. And lets you know that there's something you're doing wrong if it's low(although most probably wont figure out what it is).

    This is the same thing we would hope our riders will figure out if their rating starts to drop, that they'll stop and think about how they're treating their drivers.
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  3. henrygates


    Honestly I think 4.50 is way too generous. I wouldn't pick up anyone under 4.8.

    Think about the pax you rate after the trip. No issues, you just slide complete and give them that 5 star and move on. The pax must be seriously messed up to get anything less than a 5.
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  4. Mine is 4.60 and i let mystro handle those.
  5. Cdub2k


    New Orleans
    It had to be about 3 months ago. It was late at night it was a slow night. I was in a remote area of town where I dropped someone off at. I get a ping which surprised me but the guy had a low rating. I said screw it Im gonna roll the dice and head on over there.

    So I pull up to the address and wait. Around the 3 minute mark I call him to verify did he still need a ride or not and he said yes and that he’ll be right out. 5 minutes go by and he finally comes out. He comes out and instead of walking to my car he goes into his car to look for something. 2 or so minutes go by and I guess he found what he was looking for and then he finally decides to start walking toward my car. It was at that exact moment that I cancelled on his A$& and drove off with nun CANX Fee. I was waiting for that perfect moment.
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  6. 4.5 PAX doesn't even exist in my world; I also avoid 5.0 riders in certain situations

    my criteria: 4.7 or better on uber (and yesterday I "no thanks" on a 4.77); 4.8 on lyft
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  7. Uberingen


    Welcome and my cutoff for pax pickup is a 4.6 rating (considering to increase it to 4.65).
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  8. Daisey77


    I got this one about a month ago. Definitely did not pay attention before accepting it. How the hell is their account still active?
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  9. Latekick


    South Jersey
    I NEVER talk about a passengers rating with them in fear they retaliate against me. Who knows what goes on in those minds. I have taken a few low rated passengers to make my quest but agree the rating USUALLY matches the rider. I also am the BIGGEST 5.0 buster in UBER. unless THE pax hands me a big cash tip or sings and dances... That 5.0 pax gets a 3 star from me. Too many 5.0 riders around..... fake news.
  10. If I get a passenger with anything under 4.8 I always ask them 'how did your rating get so low?'
    They usually don't have an answer.
    Hopefully it at least makes them know we are aware.
  11. Daisey77


    I do that too! LOL first thing I say is, Hi Jake how ya doing. Second thing I say is, so Jake let's talk about your rating . . .
  12. Of course. Never pick up anyone below 4.6
  13. Kodyhead


    South Floreduh
    Luxsuv I would pick up a -4.99
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  14. goneubering


    LA/Orange Counties
    I’ve had two riders rated at 4.2 that were perfectly fine. I think some drivers were rating too low for riders who don’t tip. Hopefully that habit has died out.
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  15. Sadly, passenger ratings mean very little. I've picked up 4.27 passengers that were no problem, and I've had several 4.95+ passengers that were rude and tried to bring open containers of alcohol into my car.

    The only consistent thing that a low passenger rating is going to tell you, is they're not likely to tip.
  16. kc ub'ing!

    kc ub'ing!

    Reno, NV
    She kept you waiting, ignored your texts, backseat drove and you still offered her water?!! I swear some drivers have battered wife syndrome.
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  17. I have heard of drivers who will downrate passengers who sit in the front seat but don't talk. To me, that's moronic.

    I have had low rated passengers....around the 4.5-4.6 level.....be perfectly fine, courteous, talkative but not over-annoying, not smelly, on time arriving. How they got that low rated would baffle me.
  18. Coachman


    I'm not so leery of passenger rating. One of my all time best rides was a 4.6 pax. He was a 22 y/o former marine just starting an IT job in Dallas, sat in the front seat, had great conversation on the hour long rush hour drive. He was shocked when I told him he was rated 4.6. You just never know.
  19. This is because drivers will downrate out of spite, or because the pax didn't tip (even on a 1.5 mile drive), or because the pax asked a question like "so how long have you been doing this for?", or because the pax asked "I'm here for the night staying downtown, what is the best sports bar here?", or some other lame reason.
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  20. They should especially tip on a 1.5 mile trip

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