Any Orlando UberEats Drivers here?


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I'm a newbie. Let's share ideas. Went on my first 2 jobs today after doing research in my area for a few days.
I have all the good zones in miles logged so I know if there might be available parking. I can tell by how many miles from my home base exactly which restaurant it is receiving the order. Pizza places have the highest chances of tipping us I hear. So got all them mapped for sure. Email me to chat :smiles:


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Worked ucf and some Rosemont yesterday till 330 pm. Did 55 with a 3 dollar tip. Mondays and Sundays seem to be the best

There is a pizza place or two near you, Mello mush room and one on west aloma west of goldenrod, also a smoothy plce by eastbrook and howel branch

Can't figure it out three weeks ago did 500 ever since barely 300$