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Any one still delivering for Uber eats this year

Michael Hall

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Yes I’m delivering for Uber Eats in the Durham Region near Toronto. They are offering 1.1x today and 7$ every 4 delivery’s u do today it’s a first in my market ever where they offered quests and surge


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I have no promotion for 4 days then 1.2 or 1.1 for 2 days maybe if that it's so low and students are back in school so it should be higher or is it affected by howhowany drivers there are


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Just wondering if anyone is still delivering for Uber eats this year
Really hard to.

This weekend:
Thursday: 2-5 1.1x, 5-9 1.2x
Friday: 12a-4 1.2x, 10a-2p 1.1
Saturday: 12a-11a 1.1x
Sunday: 12a-4a 1.2x, 4a-11a 1.1x, 11a-2p 1.2x, 2-5 1.1x

So 1.2 max surge, encouraging us to work mindnight to 2 each day. Just sad.


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I'm usually by Fanshawe for quick Mc Donald's run
That location is garbage. Students manage that McDonalds and they mess up often, miss orders, miss items. High chance for a thumbs down rating due to their error. And then delivering to students who dont tip.

If you want to do mcdonald's runs, work the south ones, they tend to have it ready when you arrive, are throughout and you deliver to working people who have a better chance at tipping.


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I am in Toronto and doing Uber Eats saw lots of people using 2 or 3 accounts also few of them hacked the gps so they are so busy while "others" like me and my friends just watching at them very busy specially with Mcdonalds orders.