Any one know Uber support contacts?


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I mean not the 3157 6225 but I remember calling a direct HP line.

When upon registering an activating my Uber partner account I was being presented with 2 choice of promotion. 1 is to take $1000 if complete 50 trips in 2 weeks another is 3 months no Uber fee charges however I did not received it and uber continues to deduct 20% of my earnings. Previously I head down and ask the staff she told me it will calculate and return my earning of the 20% deduction on month end however I did not received it, wondering who have taken this promo as well?


U can try 8001013577 but no one will pick up till it cut your call . I choose option 3 and till now they never return me the service fee 20%.

Since Saturday I have sent numerous issue caused of cash trips that uber charge me higher fare after I collected the lower fare from riders to HELP line but didn't get any reply from them