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Any one driving for lyft in western Massachusetts


New Member
just curious any one driving for lyft out here and how you doing are you making any money or wasting a lot of gas driving 15-20 minutes away rides going no where?


New Member
Western Mass is almost exclusively an UBER market. I tried LYFT for one day and all the pings were twenty minutes away.


New Member
I accept the 20 min ride on lyft, while leaving the uber app on. If i get an uber rider, i cancel the lyft one.


New Member
Same experience here. I am inclined to think Lyft in Western Mass is for folks who want an even more deeply discounted ride than Uber, once again at our expense. In theory I like Lyft better all around as a company but if the business isn’t there then there’s not much point for me. I’m definitely not in it to satisfy my health or entertainment requirements ;-)