Any old bird here familiar with driver referral incentives scheme


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As the above mentions, I'm looking for someone who'd be kind enough to impart their wisdom and knowledge on the ever ambiguous Uber and complicated driver referral schemes. Preferrably someone, who has actually gone through with it before and actually earned the referral fee and was lucky enough not to be shortchanged by Uber. I have two such scenarios. Thank you.

Scenario A : I refer new driver with my own car never registered with Uber before.

Scenario B : I refer new driver with car that has been registered with Uber before. Still eligible for referral incentives?

Some other informations required :
1) is there any tncs for the above two scenarios for new referral and myself?

2) if put relief driver with registered car in Uber can still earn the incentives?

3) both scenarios car registered is my own and paid in full. For the ACRA registration, is it necessary NEW DRIVER must also register their own sole proprietor and apply for commercial insurance, does that means I must transfer my car ownership over to his company if he's renting from me? What are the risks involved?

4) and lastly, I'm only interested in earning their $1250 referral for new drivers with vehicles. Not interested in their $200 new driver referral. So only need more clear information on this. Thanks

Appreciate if anyone could assist. Need to know what are my options before I can proceed on my best course of action.