Any Lyft Mentors Austin TX I Need Help!!


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Are there any mentors in the Austin, TX area. I am having problems updating information like you would not believe and Lyft is absolutely no help at all. I cannot get into my dashboard or update on the app. I sent them an email explaining all of this along with necessary documents. All they did was send me was a link to resign up. Well I put in my phone number and it just tells me to update my info that I just tried to update. So it is a just a circle. Plus I need to update my phone number and other information. So far Lyft and their sites have been no help at all.

Please help!!!!



Just start over from scratch with your new phone number, or by registering using your facebook account. Ignore the old account and just start over with the correct details.

Don't expect any help or support from Lyft - it's not what they do.