any long island drivers back w plastic divider in car?

hi all,
this board seems pretty dead. just wondering if anybody who was doing this part time before pandemic has given it a shot.
I hear in the city, drivers are making a plastic divider as simple as a shower curtain.
Curious if anybody's tried driving lately? i think there's hardly any customers as most wouldnt wanna get in an uber during the pandemic. I havent turned on the app in months, but keep meaning to.


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I purchased a Plexi divider. For when I go back part Time. Right now talking to people I know who went back said no work. In mornings. Don't know about nights and weekends.
hi was it something you bought online or locally? i'd imagine its pretty quiet out there, between night clubs being closed and travel restrictions,..i can't imagine who the clients would be except maybe some young people going out drinking while eating..if they're even doing that i dont know. i haven't gone out scouting around. tnx