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Any issues with drugs in the car?

Discussion in 'Vehicles' started by uberron73, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Spotscat

    Spotscat Well-Known Member

    Columbia, Missouri
    Google the terms "constructive possession" and "totality of circumstances".

    Bottom line is this -- it depends upon what is found in the vehicle, where it is found in the vehicle, who is in the vehicle when it is found, what is found with you besides the controlled substance, and more.

    Girl is the right rear seat reeks of marijuana, has two priors for possession, has a used pipe in her pocket, and a dime bag is found stuffed into the door pocket where she was sitting... you have no worries.

    The same dime bag is found underneath your seat, rolling papers are found in your center console, your eyes are bloodshot and you refuse a field sobriety test... you will have problems.
  2. Aerodrifting

    Aerodrifting Member

    Los Angeles
    At first I thought that's quite a prick thing to do, Giving it more thought it actually seem like the better solution.
    You don't know those idiots, Why would you take all the possible risks for them? What do you get in return other than paid minimum wage? So many bad things can happen, Next rider can totally report you for having the smell in your car, If pulled over by officers you will waste lots of valuable time at the least even if they let you go.
    Last but not least, After this those idiots might grow up to be better adults. win-win.
  3. Dchap08

    Dchap08 Active Member

    San diego
    No one risks me in my vehicle. Only exception I make is weed from a legit dispensary. Being a patient myself, I have no issue with a legal person getting legal weed.

    Any other situation, if I had the slightest hint of drugs or a deal going down, I have no issue bringing them right where they belong. The nearest cop car or station.
  4. UberDezNutz

    UberDezNutz Well-Known Member

    My only issues is when they don't share
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