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any idea how to make the extra money?

Discussion in 'Los Angeles & Orange County' started by Cuponoodles, Jul 15, 2017.


    KMANDERSON Well-Known Member

    Dallas, TX
    Just 1700 a week.
  2. RoadKook

    RoadKook Well-Known Member

    QUOTE Do you folks realize, you are nothing more than Uber Drivers? And you choose to make fun of your colleague? How's that used car of yours and your rental? Get a clue. Don't be a loser.[/QUOTE]

    That's ex part time driver from years ago when it was profitable before it collapsed into the sewer and because I walked from the ensuing train wreck my paid for car is just fine as only put 10k miles on it which in that time frame made over $20k which is fully invested so you do the math

    So be careful who you call "loser"
  3. Fuber168

    Fuber168 Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    What car do you drive?

    What car do you drive?
  4. ego7

    ego7 Active Member

    Los Angeles
    Kia optima

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