Another thing that Uber needs in its app - number of PAX a car can hold!


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I have a small car that can legally hold 3 PAX, because it has only three seats/seatbelts. I and various passengers had to cancel five trips last weekend because I showed up and there were four or five people there. I told them they should order XL just to make sure. One of them ordered again when I was driving away, so I had to "no thanks" the ping because I knew it was them. This stuff makes for unhappy PAXs and drivers = less business for Uber and lower driver retention. It would be ridiculously easy to add a statement in the driver's car description of how many people they can hold, and a warning to passengers to input the number of people to make sure that the car that gets pinged can carry them all.

BTW Does anyone know if Uber reads these forums?


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They do list that in the pax app UberX is max 4 passengers.

Do you have a broken seat-belt in your car? Uber ostensibly does not allow cars on the platform with less than 5 seat-belts (driver and 4 pax)


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90322D2A-0603-4867-99B1-6B84875E1661.jpeg I have two cars that are on my Uber account. Both are approved for Uber X . I have not used the smaller, more fuel efficient one because it would be very very difficult to put three in the back seat. I do not believe the back seat has a middle seat belt. I will have to look tonight after my daughter gets home to find out. I found this pic on the internet that looks like there is no center seat belt. This car IS on the Uber list of approved vehicles.