another heads up Lyft line scam


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Haven't driven uber for a year...don't know jack or Ubes....

BUT I do know
(posted here before
bears repeating!)
... how pas can trick you into free ride or risk of deactivation from cash solicitation.

It goes a little something like this.....line request.....from active location....with patience and skill hell bent on defrauding YOU.

Cancel mid ride. Almost always at the first possible sec for confusing driver, You may still have an active line....but pas HAS canceled.

Plays the nutroll. Doesn't have cash. Wants ride to Timbuktu. DONT frigging ask....two ways they can get a "free ride" first the scam. THEN when you ask for CASH.

Plays like they don't understand and can't re-start ride.

Don't lose your cool. (third way!)

Don't dump them on the Ike. End trip safe and super smart.

Guaranteed 1 star rating with comments. So, just eat it like MJ.

You can get a cancel fee after you whine to the man.


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Yeah, forgot that part....this bum, didn't look like what you'd expect---
Sharp suite, Daley Plaza loft pickup location. attache case, manicure, shoes shined, hair goo.
I had a 40 minute Line to the Lauryn Hill concert last night. $13.

Nope. No more lines in rush hour in the city. Stupid.
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I'm on the road to financial freedom, just like DaCoach always says!


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But but but.. according to lyft, lines pay same as regular lyft rides
It probably did pay the same, or did you not read the part where he said it was the city during rush hour. If he only went a few mile, doesn't matter how long it takes it's still not going to pay jack. Never take Line or Pool in the city or during rush hour.