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Another Day in Philly

Just A Mister

Active Member
Got a short ride, then immed got a ping for a 45+ minute ride who canceled as soon as I accepted (#*#+%¥#£). Went home to eat and got another ping, ending up in Center City; getting another ping (“I’ll tip you in the app.”)
to go back out to the boonies where a teenager tried to tell me she was 19, but after I called her bluff of, “My ID is in the house.” “Ok I’ll wait for you to get it.” canceled the ride. She might’ve been 16yo.
Bought a pizza, thinking about calling it a day, and turned on apps, not thinking I’d get anything because of the area I was in and got two back to back; one of them a 45+ minute ride.

Oh and Styft was much busier than No Luber for me today.