Annandale surge


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uber scam to dispatch ants to that area but sadly wont be any pings ... only pings will be 15 mins stool from faux surge zone

Fast Times @ UBER

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I picked up two surges in that this morning near 50 and Gallows. However, afterwards I sat in my office with the app on hoping to hit a 2x and nothing for an hour except a pool in the non surge area.


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I've been sitting in the middle of the surge in Annandale and no pingsfor 20 minutes so far


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All surges are fake until you are paid otherwise.
Can't wait to be part of the class action suit.

Tars Tarkas

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I got a 1.7x out of Vienna Metro this morning when nothing was lit up on the map. I just happened to be there and took the next ping. There appear to be stealth surges as well as fake ones.