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Android vs iPhone Which do you like better?

What phone do you use?

  • Android

  • Apple

  • Tablet

  • Other

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Active Member
I just switched to Apple iPhone 6s plus, big difference from Android the way the partner app works.

  • Can't even download app from app store
  • have to adjust settings to allow the app to even work
  • more map options
  • the app hangs freezes all the time
  • can't connect to server errors
  • google maps doesn't work correctly hangs or freezes, can use in app map, waze, google maps.
  • doesn't switch back to the app from the map automatically when you arrive


Well-Known Member
Probably your provider. I have a 6s and haven't had any problems with it. Might also be the phone as well, id say take it back to the store, if it's been less then two weeks or a month you might wanna have them take a look at it and if your within the "try it and see how you like it" time frame, you should be able to swap it out with no probs.