Android update and 10 Min + Trip Request How-To Fix


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Recenter My Galaxy S5 Updated to the current running System, idk if it was the running system or Google maps that caused it but I had been getting ridiculous trip request, like up to 17 minutes away/ 10miles+ distance, Also Pax were canceling regularly like they didn't know I was far away until after I accepted the trip...

How I fixed it:

After some head ache trying to find the cause, I did this press and hold on your location button or find location setting menu, go to GPS settings, take it out of High Accuracy mode by switching to GPS ONLY (no wifI or blue tooth scanning) Just GPS, this is what fixed things for me, this has to be done regularly unfortunately, everytime y out turn on location it goes back to "High Accuracy" (lol) and trips from the next town over start pinging, unfortunately this does nothing for pool, pool request from 10 minutes away still happen... lame