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Android Parner App Version Changes


Hi Everyone. I'm brand new to the forum. (My first post.) I'm active on the UberX platform in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Has anyone had their Android Partner App. Version "cut back" to an earlier version this past week (early Dec. 2015)?

I had a stable version of the app running for the last month (sorry - I don't remember the version number. :<). I had four icons across the bottom that gave me access to a lot of trip and detailed feedback information.

As of the last 36 hours, I had an "upgrade" and suddenly I'm seeing what appears to be an older version of the app. (one I was seeing six months ago) with all the feedback features removed. Ver. 3.65.1.

Uber is largely not responding to my inquiries. One "canned" reply hints that it's my phone (it's not - Same phone, same carrier (Verizon). plenty of memory headroom, etc.) and yes - I did delete and re-download (twice) and another reply insinuates that there were issues with the software that has been out there and this is temporary.

Anyone else having such issues? What versions are your Android devices showing? Thanks. More soon.


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Update - so sorry for all the confusion. I was sitting at PIT on Sunday afternoon and everything reverted back to what I had been using. I have no idea what transpired but it seems to have resolved. Sorry for the rather strange message.